How to Share Instagram Post on Twitter Automatically

How to Share Instagram Post on Twitter Automatically

Here, i till teach you how to automatically post your instagram photos to twitter in just these few steps.

Instagram and twitter are one of the biggest social media in the world where you can easily engage your fans with your content thereby make lot of followers and money also.

This few guide will help reduce stress of logging both account just to post same post photos, instead you can process all activities easily.

Without wasting of time I will simply walk you through the process on how to automatically post any of your instagram photos as twitter photos.

How to Share Instagram Post on Twitter Automatically

  1. First osf all sign up on IFTTT, then go to the IFTTT Recipe page.
  2. Once you get there, make use of the connect button to connect both your Instagram and twitter account.
  3. After that, just click on ADD button.
  4. Then Now, include your username from the top right corner and then go to preference.
  5. After that uncheck the option that says “Auto shorten URLs”. This would enable Instagram urls on your tweets, instead of IFTTT

That’s it. Your accounts has been syndicated, and your instagram photos would automatically be posted as twitter photos.

Is it not that simple?. We will be glad to get a feed back from you please make use of the comment section.

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