Step by step instructions to keep your paypal account on favorable terms

Step by step instructions to keep your paypal account on favorable terms

Are you aware that paypal system is controlled by a highly complex programs,  making them highly and strictly unpredictable,  as a user you can only try to stay away from problems.

I will put you through on how to be safe with your Paypal account, Many of us already know how to open a paypal account so I won’t bother talking about opening the account today.

Here Are The Tips Below:

  1. Avoid sending out payments immediately you receive them. Wait for at least 48hrs,  PayPal security system reviews every transactions individually, and trying to send the money out before the review will trigger suspicious transaction on your account.
  2. If you are running a business paypal,  avoid personal payments,  or at least take a few personal payments.
  3. Try to always keep small money in your paypal account, no matter how little it might be little.  That way you are assuring PayPal you are not running away anytime soon.
  4. Stay away from suspicious accounts,  do not take or get away funds for any reason.  If your friend is been reviewed and wants to quickly move out his funds, don’t take it. It will lead to problem.
  5. Avoid too much refunds. Do not issue refunds anyhow. This is a necessary precaution.  It will keep your refund option open If u eventually get limited by paypal.
  6. Avoid VPN.  Keep your IP address in check. This is very necessary, and also make use of ISP with steady IP not punctuating ISP.
  7. Do not give room for charge backs.  Paypal dislikes that.
  8. If you are into drop shipping business,  Do not pay your supplier with the same paypal account used to sell your products. Paypal really believes drop shipping is a risky venture.
  9. Take out your time to always read all paypal user agreement.  Try not to violate any of them.
  10. Paypal is not your bank account.  Avoid keeping all your money in paypal.  So you don’t lose it.

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